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See also in the downloadable pdf file: PATA Mast Leaflat

Basic measurement Instructions

In order to find the best suited mast to your weight and boathandling style you have to find and know the right mast bending datas. These are the datas also the sailmaker can use to produce the right sail to you. If you want to be fast on the race course, all your sails must be tailored to your individual mast.

Follow the steps below to measure your mast bend!

When measuring a Pata Mast please take care on some important terms in order to avoid any mistake that may cause an error. Missing any of the important small details written in this manual may cause the false result of your measurement! So please read carefully and follow the right steps of the procedure! Our Finn Mast bend measurement follows the standard method used by most of the sailmakers.

Our Finn Mast bend measurement follows the standard method used by most of the sailmakers.






Support the mast with the tip at a height which will allow the tip of the mast not to hit the ground when the weight is placed on it.

Fix in place at the butt to allow it to rest on the collar as it holds by the mast step and deck of the boat. Mark the point A.

Please note it is very important to hold fast the mast foot (the butt-end) without any  movement. If the end can move even the slightest measure the datas will be wrong!


Step 2

Place the weight (12 kg sideways / fore & aft) on the tip of the mast at the measurement band.

Mark the point B for sideways and fore & aft.




Step 3

Take a taught string from the top of the bottom measurement band (D) to the bottom of the top one (C). When measuring the sideways bending an easy trick may help to keep the string in the centerline by the help of a simple screw (see photo!)




Step 4

Measuring correctly the aft bending on a Pata Mast fix a spacer between the string and the mast at 860 mm from the mast foot.

The spacer’s height is 20 mm.

The spacer is necessary to keep the rope at the sail track level. Always measure the outside of the sail track! If you measure inside the sail track the height of the spacer should change to 7 mm!!!




Step 5

It is also very important not to let the measurement string inside the sailtrack at the top! In order to avoid this use some small plastic piece to hold it on the surface!





Step 6

Measure the distance in millimeters between the string and the mast (sideways and aft) in every 1/4 of the distance C–D (between the top of the lower measurement band (D) to the bottom of the top one).





See also in the downloadable pdf file: PATA Mast Leaflat

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