Bambi is the 2015 Finn European Champion!



Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic wins the 2015 Finn European Championship in Split, Croatia.

It started a little different than he had hoped. In the very first race he finished 26th after making a wrong call and going right in the beginning. He tried to recover after, but as he said it was too late by then as the fleet on the left side was just lifting into pressure. Later that day he came back and after a close finish finished 3rd in Race 2. 

On the Second Day there was only one race in light and not-real-steady wind where Bambi finished 2nd. The third day was very similar with only one race held in lightest wind so far where Bambi finished 15th. After the first 3 light days he was 8th overall.

Day 4 finally brought a change and heavier winds around 20< knots and 30 knot gusts. The wind was as strong as some expected as the forecast showed 30+, but with the big waves and tough racing conditions challenged all competitors. Bambi had the best day of all as he raced really well in all 3 races finishing 2nd, 2nd, and 4th. With this incredible performance on the toughest day of the EC he brought himself back to 2nd overall.

In the lighter Day 5 with 8-10 knot winds Bambi had a decent day finishing 11th and 7th in Races 7 and 8. As Josh Junior finished 21st in Race 7, Bambi managed to take the lead overall at the end of the day and go into the Medal Race as No.1.

He didn't just go into the Medal Race, but also came out as No 1. The biggest storyline of the race was the battle between Bambi and Josh Junior for the Championship. In the end in light wind around 6 knots Bambi finished 4th, while Junior only came in 8th, which meant that BAMBI WON THE 2015 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP!


The medal race was won by SWE-6 Björn Allanson who also finished strong and had a strong showing in tough Day 5.


Proud to say that they were both sailing with Pata MC Masts. Great to see what great talents can do with great equipment!


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