Stay Fanatic

With or without olympic status – PATA remains Finn Fanatic forever

A unique Boat like ours deserves to be loved so we keep on track and move on with full determination. So we developed the new PATA FANATIC.

“I have been dreaming all my life to build the best Finn dinghy and the best carbon mast. I’ve had a lot of joy on my way over the years while we’ve had also some great successes. But that’s not enough! I will not give up just because of a bureaucratic organization does not appreciate all that our Class provides to the sailing community in general…”

When we created the new Pata Fanatic, we tried to follow, but not slavishly copy the trend observed on often winning boats at international competitions. In the Pata Fanatic development work we took the best practices and we went further.

All our improvements are to increase the righting moment. Both design and structural innovations serve this purpose.

Our PATA Fanatic innovation in keywords:

    Maximum boat width
    Shape changes at the hiking position
    Keep the waterline of the tilted boat as symmetrical as possible
    Reducing the vertical motion on the waves
    Hull shape changes for the better downwind speed
    New deck construction
    Hull structure modifications

You can read more detailed information about the PATA Fanatic innovations HERE